1. Orange Movie


    8mm film showing drawings by painter Gilbert de Bontridder, slowly disolving in water and - later - evaporating in the surrounding space. *Referencing A Glass of Gherkins and a so called Yellow Movie.

  2. Fragments 55°58′46.73″N 4°2′35.125″W


    Parts of a derelict mansion filmed on Super 8 and looped around a limestone coming from the same building. Slowly disintegrating into abstraction. 

  3. The Poets Afterlife


    Presented at the birthplace of Glasgow-born poet TC Campell

    Part I: The collected fluids produced by a cleansing of a plaque outside of the building. The fluids were later projected in the exhibition space.

    Part II: A slowly oxidizing brass-replica of a hand gesture made by a TC Campbell stature on George Square, Glasgow. The water starting the process was acquired from a moisture absorber installed in the space.

  4. Vanguards


    Stones collected near a nuclear naval base in Scotland were placed on FM Radios. Playing back a multichannel cacophony of recordings done in the same area. Bubbles, Geiger and Walkie Talkies

  5. Echo


    The sound of a lamp switching off, recorded and played back in cassettes filled with dust. The recording was then played back and re-recorded onto another cassette that went through the same treatment. The process was repeated until the original sound completely gone. Both sound and dust coming from an abandoned city archive in Glasgow. The daughter of someone calling back.

  6. Fluids


    Human Saliva, Slide-Projector, baptismal font

  7. Platforms


    Coin Replicas made from chewing gum *and other dirt picked up from the streets.

  8. Setup for a holistic experiment


    in collaboration with Maarten Davidse

    In a one on one session, a text written with the consultation of hypnotherapist and writer Erik Willems, is read to the viewer. The text draws a circle on a holistic worldview: Beginning by a drop of sweat in the very room, the story goes all the way back to the world´s oceans at the beginning of the evolution on earth. While falling in a trance-like state with closed eyes, the listener becomes the producer of sweat. At the same time this essence is extracted through a moisture absorber and then collected in little bottles in a vitrine open on the outside of the glasshouse. During the duration of 5 days each bottle represents one day of the performance.

  9. Monoliths


    A fingertip of sand. Each day one grain. A calendar of sorts. All grains one vitrine. 

  10. Testing Age


    Half of the walls of the exhibition space were grinded to make all underlying layers of paint visible, leaving the walls as smooth as marble. The left over dust was used to form chalk-like sticks, which were presented on a window sill in the same space.

  11. For Emanuel


    A plectrum was formed from the fingernail dirt collected over half a year by a guitar player. The plectrum was used to play a single note, which was recorded onto 1/4 inch tape. The recording was manually stretched to the time it took to collect the material for its own making. The plectrum was presented in the hands of a performer. For the rest: Silence.

  12. Diffusion


    Dust collected from different spaces of the exhibition place. Individually applied each day, covering the traces from the previous day and spreading back in the space; Possibly leaving traces elsewhere - or not.

  13. Ø


    in collaboration with Karina van Leengoed

    Average colour of a gallery space somewhere in the Netherlands. The samples were taken at points of an imaginary rod running through the space. At those spots individual colour was taken and late the new *average was re-applied. Something to think about at the toilet...