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  1. Simon Weins is a visual artist and electronic musician working with installations, objects, film and sound. His interest lies with things that are 'merely there' - everyday byproducts, noises or processes that are either too opaque, too transparent, too big, too small, too high, too low, too long or too short to be directly perceived.

    Always working with specific materials, his work is sculptural at its root - considering size, format and materiality and often expanding those aspects to their temporal dimension. By using time and duration as an extension of the often static, enduring and monumental tradition of sculpture, his work has the freedom to change to its own accord, often defined by the materials disintegration or compressed accumulation.

  2. Recent exhibitions include Pulses Mount Florida Gallery Glasgow (2018), Look at me and see what I could not (yet) see Bonnefanntenmuseum Maastricht (2017), GrondSalons Huis Hoste Hasselt (2017), Slow Accident Nieuw Dakota Amsterdam (2017), Along Grassy Borders Civic Room Glasgow (2016), Oscillate Me Widely The Whiskey Bond Glasgow (2016) and Rumour Has It  Marres Maastricht (2014).

    Together with Phillip Jondo, he releases works as Garland on Amsterdam-based Label Lullabies for Insomniacs with recent performances at the Minimal Music Festival Amsterdam and LISTEN! Festival Brussels.