1. Orange Movie


    Installationview Bonnefanntenmuseum Maastricht, NL

    8mm film, 8mm film editor, aquarium, water, metal, wood, lacquer

    8mm film slowly disolving in water over the duration of 6 months

  2. Fragments 55°58′46.73″N 4°2′35.125″W


    Installationview The Whiskey Bond Glasgow, UK

    8mm Film, limestone, projector, frosted acrylic sheet, metal, wood

    8mm film slowly disintegrating by being looped around a piece of limestone

  3. The poets afterlife


    Installationview Civic Room Glasgow, UK

    I: Plaque (partially cleaned), pharmaceutical bottles, fluid made from vinegar and oxidized bronze, 35mm slide projector, concrete board, metal

    II: Glass Vessel, bronze-cast, dehumidifier, PVC tube, wood, metal, concrete board

  4. Vanguards


    Installationview Going Public Tontine Building Glasgow, UK

    Stones, radios, fieldrecordings (done around HMNB Fasland, Scotland), FM transmitter, wood

  5. A so disastrous pathos


    Installationview St. Marys Church Glasgow, UK

    Golden Fluids: Human Saliva, slide projector, metal

    Quartz: 35mm Slide Projector, metal

    7.82 Hz: Stroboscope, speaker, sine wave generator, lavastone

  6. Background/Imprint


    Imprint: Blind Stamp from a stone my father once collected. It had a brain-like shape.

    Background: Painted with a mixture of soil and water collected at different places.

  7. Echo


    Transparent Cassettes, Cassette Loops, Dust, Wood, Cassette Recorder

    Tape 1 contains a recording of a lamp in an abandoned city archive in Glasgow, filled with dust from the place.

    Tape 1 was recorded back on Tape 2, filled with dust.

    Tape 2 was recorded back on Tape 3, filled with dust.


    Tape 30 had only the crackling of dust left.

  8. Grooves


    Installationview The Whiskey Bond Glasgow, UK

    Transparent Cassette Cases, Found Cassette Tapes, Cassette player, Wood, Hay, Grass, Flower Blossoms, Leaves, Stones, Sand

  9. Platforms


    Chewing Gum, Dust, Oxidized Metals

  10. Setup for a holistic experiment


    in collaboration with Maarten Davidse

    Installationview New Now Amsterdam, NL

    In a one on one session, a text written with the consultation of hypnotherapist and writer Erik Willems, is read to the viewer. The text draws a circle on a holistic worldview: Beginning by a drop of sweat in the very room, the story goes all the way back to the world´s oceans at the beginning of the evolution on earth. While falling in a trance-like state with closed eyes, the listener becomes the producer of sweat. At the same time this essence is extracted through a moisture absorber and then collected in little bottles in a vitrine open on the outside of the glasshouse.

  11. Monoliths


    Installationview Marres Maastricht, NL

    Fingertip of Sand, Glass display, 35mm Slide Projector, Microscopic Images of indivial grains of Sand

  12. Testing age


    Grinded wallpaint, binder

  13. For Emanuel


    The dirt under a guitar players finger nails was collected for 6 months.

    The collected material was casted into a guitar pick.

    The guitar pick was used to play a single chord on a guitar.

    The playback speed of a tape-recorder was slowed down so much that the chord would last 6 months.

    The sound was played back into a room. A person was holding the guitar pick.

  14. Diffusion


    Dust collected from 5 different places, one layer applied each day

  15. Ø


    in collaboration with Karina van Leengoed

    Installationview Kunstpodium T Tilburg, NL

    Grinded wall paint, Egg tempera